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Top view of Sea side with beach chairs
Four chairs and cusion with glass made floor
Top view of swimming pool with sea view
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Beautiful beach locations

Design Plus Hotels are located in vibrant beach settings in Gran Canaria, Spain and Alaçatı, Turkey. We take great pride in our commitment to helping guests experience our surroundings in a way few hotels can.
We offer a connection to the essence of our cities, from the rich and diverse beauty of Gran Canaria to the chic, high-style-on-the-Aegean spirit of Alaçatı, Turkey. We welcome you to explore the luminous destinations in the Design Plus collection.


Turkey straddles both Europe and Asia. Thanks to its dramatic coves, sandy stretches, and teal waters, it’s one of the most renowned beach destinations in the world. 

Canary Islands

Spain and the Canary Islands are an eclectic mix of natural wonders. With over 5,000 miles of coastline, its pristine beaches feature an array of welcoming seaside towns.