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Cesme, Gastronomy and Vineyards near Design Plus Seya Beach Hotel

Cesme, Gastronomy & Vineyards

For those who enjoy wine and food, Çeşme will be a haven for discovering new flavors and aromas.The specialty of the area is the kumru, a sandwich made with tomato, cheese, and sausage on soft and tasty bread that is only produced here. You should also try the typical cheeses, fruits, and fresh seafood in all their varieties.

The vineyards, in addition to standing out for the quality of their wines, make up a beautiful landscape that is worth discovering. Come discover some of the places near Çeşme. The largest winery in the area, Çeşme Bağcılık, is about fifteen minutes from Design Plus Seya Beach. If you come in September, you can enjoy a festival dedicated to wine that takes place in the Marina.

Furthermore, the imposing castle and its museum, as well as the Caravasari, the resting place of the old traders' caravans, are located in the center of Çeşme. 

Ovacık, 35930 Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey