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Ruins of Pergamum near Design Plus Seya Beach Hotel

Ruins of Pergamum

Take advantage of your trip to Alaçatı to discover the ruins of the ancient cities of the Greek Empire. Enigmatic and full of history, they allow you to discover the myths of the beginning of civilization.

The Acropolis of Pergamum, which in its time housed the largest Hellenistic temples, is declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and preserves the remains of its immense library, which saved more than 200,000 parchments.

The old theater was a great work of architecture for the time, surrounded by artificial terraces.

The remains of the altar of Zeus, rebuilt in the Pergamon Museum, are also a unique sample of the Hellenistic Baroque.

Hamzalısüleymaniye, 35700 Bergama/İzmir, Turkey